Sikh Talks - Magnificence of Sikhi

An Exploration Through Art and Gurbani


The Sikh Initiative team is pleased to present another amazing event promoting Sikh history and art, through a special featured Sikh Talk titled: Magnificence of Sikhi: An Exploration through Art and Gurbani which took place on July 28, 2019 at 12 pm at the Rose Conservatory in Brampton City Hall

  • Art Exhibition
  • Sikh Talk and Q&A


  • Art Exhibition
  • Sikh Talks & QA

Speaker: Bhai Jasprit Singh Jee UK

The speaker is an Art Photographer and Thinker; Jasprit Singh from London, England. Jasprit Singh has done extensive work in cataloging and restoring Gurbani based manuscripts. He will bring a talk on how to develop ourselves looking at our history and Gurbani ethics. Let’s reflect on our true selves through Gurbani and consider how we can preserve and protect our heritage for generations to come.


Sikh Talks – Magnificence of Sikhi: An Exploration Through Art and Gurbani

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