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Death – Horrifying or Beautiful

Death – Horrifying or Beautiful

When I was a kid, my father used to tell me saakhis of Shaheed Singhs, Shaheedis attained by our Gurus - Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj, Guru Tegh Bahadur Maharaj, the massacres (shaheedi saake) but unfortunately, I never used to find any beauty in them. Little did I know...

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Learning from Sikhi During Uncertain Times

Learning from Sikhi During Uncertain Times

This global pandemic has drastically hit all mankind in one way or the other, who would have ever imagined to face something so fictional in our real lives? From crashing economy to healthcare crisis, from surging stress and anxiety to loss in human connection, we...

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Sewa with heart – The pillar of Sikhi

Sewa with heart – The pillar of Sikhi

Growing up, my family spent a lot of time at the Gurdwara. Many times, my parents would remind me and my brothers to help at the Gurdwara and do seva. This would include washing dishes, sweeping the floor and pouring langar. I remember a time, where I was just not in...

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